Dog Training and Education

dog behavior problemsYes. You can learn to train your dog.You can teach strange dog behaviors can be fixedthem to shake hands.

and there are probably other things you can teach them. Sometimes dogs have behavior problems. Sometimes they are too aggressive and wish to bite you or their owner or someone that they should not desire to bite. Sometimes this means that they have not been socialized properly so the good news is that this is not impossible.

Look at Doberman dogs. These things are massive and make good guard dogs. They can also be friendly. Dobermans make good guard dogs. They are the classic design of a scary dog. But you probably should get them trained. Dog training is important.

list of abnormal dog behaviors like aggressionDogs have brains and they can learn things and by aggressive behavior in dogs can be remediedassociation some behaviors can be repaired or re-learned quite easily. You know when people damage their brains they can learn it on the other side of their brain.

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There is a movie with robert de niro where he learns music from a strange man with sick hobbies so that he can learn language over on the other half of his brain. Similar to Pomeranians Dobermans and Poodles. Incredible dogs!!


But we should be talking about the brains of dogs but I went on a tangent. Dogs are wonderful creatures.