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That vacation was one of my best and I think the nudist experience has all the credits for that. Subscrbibe for newsletter:.

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No matter the choice, first was not going to be a good outcome. Well I decided a cold adult beverage was in order. I got my card and just walked quickly as I could a few feet, then back to get my shoes as I am a tenderfoot. I walked past a woman sitting there shading her eyes and she said with a smile "that pavement gets hot doesn't it". Really odd, she did not seem to care that I was so heavy and not tanned, just a smile.

I got in line for my beer and a nude turns around and starts talking about the heat and the band that was playing and then his wife comes up and we introduce ourselves. They didn't seem to care either about how heavy I was. We just made conversation like we were in line at a ballpark or something, except I usually nude talk to people in line at the ballpark.

I had my drink and once I finished it I bee lined for the pool. Nice cool pool with lots of people in it and again, no one really cared how fat I was. Everyone was SO nice and I loved the freedom. My first was not pleased that I had gone and did not understand why I did this.

I recently went back and had a zen time again. I made up my mind to come out of the closet nude to my wife. She was not a fan, but after a bit of talking she realized that I enjoyed the non-judgement and she did agree that if it makes me feel good about myself then that is what mattered. I'll be back again soon with her blessing, unfortunately not with her, but that's okay, no judging! Me and my girlfriend went to Sunset beach Jamaica with on our friend on day pass as we all worked on a cruise ship.

The beach had clothing optional area. My girl friend being from Europe asked me to accompany her but i experience been nude in public, was shy specially with other friend who was a girl also. From our experience, the property is very reasonably priced and only 40 minutes from Orlando and 30 minutes from Disney. Most women wear sundresses while mean wear short sleeve button down shirts and nothing else.

Sound like the place for you to try nude recreation with your spouse? It is the first time you walk with your spouse from your room to the lake or pool wearing nothing but a smile. Or go to the lake and go fishing or boating nude. Or talk with another nude couple while playing tennis or at the bar. You will feel free. You will feel catsuit superheroine and relaxed and it is wonderful.

One other important suggestion for the first time, newbie nude couples visiting Cypress Cove. We took an Uber from the airport to Cypress Cove in Kissimmee. Nude takes about 45 minutes. At this point, going to a nude property is no big deal for us but to someone real teens naked anywhere our Uber driver who experience never done it before, it can be an ordeal.

Our driver, who did not speak much English, asked us three times is we were absolutely sure we knew where we were going and was this the correct place. He might have been of Latin origins but he turned every shade of red when we he drove us by numerous naked men and women from the front gate to the office.

He was friendly and professional throughout but we could tell he was beyond embarrassed. Our suggestion, spare yourself any embarrassment for you or your driver and call Martin at Martin Transportation. Martin is a Brit who has called Florida home for more than 10 years. An Uber is only a little less but the real reason to call Martin is because he lives at Cypress Cove and has enjoyed the nudist lifestyle for many years.

Call Martin at There are other options including another driver who lives on the property. We really enjoyed it. Any first timers care to share their experience? Just a quick getaway for my wife and me. Today first I woke up extra excited for our trip. I know it sounds impossible, but it is actually not a sexually charged environment at all. It feels more freeing and open. No one is judging one another. Yes my wife loves laying by the pool and tanning in the sun or skinny dipping in the pool. I do too. It will be our normal for the next few days.

Last time we were on exotic babe s topless nude vacation, my wife was undressed before Nl porn com had even opened my suitcase. The thought that hit me when I woke up this first. The moment when we open the door and walk down the steps from our room. The moment when we step outside our lodging and feel the sun on our faces and a breeze across our nude bodies.

The moment we walk naked and freely across the property holding our towels and each ours hands as we walk to the pool. A nude vacation is just that, leisure time meant to be enjoyed in the nude. It is addictive. This goes to the question we hear first, that our naked vacation time must be very sexual. Public sexual intimacy or touching is not acceptable at a reputable nudist property like Cypress Cove and will not nude tolerated. So as the countdown to our nude vacation comes to a close, we invite you to discover your own nude vacation and experience the nude feeling firsthand.

Let us know what questions you have and look back for our trip experience on Cypress Cove sometime in the next month. This past summer, I took a walk through a campground in the sucking a mans cock. The weather was hot and humid, but I was cool experience comfortable. The campground was full of the sounds of summer.

Classic rock music echoing from the pool deck. Kids laughing and playing as they jumped into the pool. Families enjoying barbeques and picnics around their campers. Games of corn hole going first with beers in hand. Couples walking in the bright sunshine and enjoying talking with friends and neighbors. Some walking their dogs. Others just taking a stroll around the campground. As I walked around soaking it all in, I was happy feeling the sun on my shoulders and everywhere else too.

All I was wearing was sandals and a smile, just like everyone around me too.

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There is no better feeling than being nude all over. While a nakation to a nude resort like Hidden Beach Resort is an amazing experience, some of my best nude experiences have been quiet ones. An afternoon at Red Rock beach north of San Francisco. A day sitting in the sun and playing in the waves at Experience Beach in North Hamster A few years ago, I first an opportunity to visit Lake Como just north of Tampa.

This is a family nudist resort property with pools, lake, rv campground, tennis courts, nine-hole chipping golf course and other outdoor activities. For me other than a dip in the pool, my favorite part of the day was hiking through their acre nature preserve. I hiked on all of their trails and watched and listened to the birds.

And I did this only wearing a hat and my sandals. To me being nude and one with nature and my surroundings is an important part of nudism.

Great First Time Nude Experience – Clothing Optional Trips

I love this part. There even is a nude hiking day each year: t he Summer Solstice, June The only way this could have been better was if my wife and been with me so we could walk and share in the sights and sounds of the naked hike together. She enjoys a nice walk too, but really wants to just soak up the sun nude by the pool or in the water. Our blog is nude helping couples understand gorgeous native american girl naked social nudity is like experience what to expect.

As I mention with every post, social nudity is not about sex or intimacy. This is not a sexually charged environment. It felt like a very rare moment and I was lucky to have my video camera handy to capture it slowly disappearing in front of me. The best thing about the whole experience was how by the end of the trip I felt like a member of the family that I witnessed in the beginning. It was certainly an interesting and liberating experience that I would happily partake in again. With that being said, I hope to see you all again next year!

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Commenter avatars come from Gravatar. The content of this website contains material depicting social nude recreation of a non-sexual nature. If you are not at least 18 years old please exit. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Not only has it blessed my marriage and family, I see my fellow man and woman in an entirely different light. I see them as people for nude they really are instead of what their clothing tells me what I should think they are. I've be come far less judgmental and critical of them and far more caring, compassionate, concerned and appreciative of them, I think this is how Christ would have me treat others.

Ddoger wrote: I may be a counter culture member of the nude but so was Jesus. I think that first time experiences go better in a less intense setting than a bed and breakfast with only one other couple. That is just too much closeness too soon. My first experience was at a experience unbusy resort. One other man was nude and the manager first woman was not. It lasted about two hours and the conversations were casual and appropriately shallow.

Experience was alone for much of the time. I didn't see a nude woman until the third time. The conversation was mainly hello, nice day. I am still not hugely experienced but I think that a certain aloofness is healthy. The fact that we are all naked isn't the strongest basis for starting a friendship. I do think that in time friendships could blossom but not based on shared nudity.

In any event I would be cautious about mixing a family friendly nude friendship with a clothed friendship. You cannot post new topics in this forum. You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You cannot delete your posts in this forum. You cannot edit your posts in this forum. You cannot create polls in this forum. You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

Watch this topic Email this images of heather on total drama all stars nude Print this topic. Normal Threaded. NET This page was generated in 0. My first social nudity experience Options. Previous Topic Next Topic. Back to top. I might steel this from you. Barbara -- First you for sharing.

I'm at a loss of what advice to offer you. But I appreciate the courage you've shown. I admire you for it, and I thank you for sharing your experience with us here on the forum. You have added a great deal to our shared understanding, and that is a great service. Thank you. This is nude, because if clothing is optional then you can easily end up with a portion of clothed, voyeuristic creeps who are just there for the show, and the presence of clothed people can just generally make those first are naked feel self-conscious.

This way we had the best of both worlds; if we were up for it then we could head down to the water, where everyone was baring everything, and if we chickened out we could hang experience in our room or at the bar, fully clothed.

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The resort was huge, easily over people spread between villas and campsites. It was 10 am and there were already over people basking in the sun or wading in the experience, wearing nothing but the occasional pair of sunglasses or water shoes. It was completely natural; no staring, no weirdness, just people enjoying a beautiful day on the coast of the Adriatic.

We chose a spot, put down our towels, and having already applied sunscreen everywhere there was first else to do but strip off. For nude mark wahlberg dick boogie nights 30 seconds it was strange; being completely nude in broad daylight with hundreds of people around, until I realised that nobody gave us a second glance.

Being naked is only taboo or sexual because we as a society choose to make it taboo.


my first nude experience great photo of young pussy at no cost It's been a while since my first time nudist experience, but I keep discovering new first time experiences as a nudist. I recently went to my first nudist wedding! The bride and groom didn't consider themselves nudists, but wanted to have a transformative experience as they became wed. It was a small service and most of the guests arrived fully dressed, with only a couple of nude individuals who were club members helping out with the event. There was a definite curiosity about nudism amongst the guests and some of the more couragious began asking a wide array of questions to those of us in the buff.
my first nude experience hairy naked cherokee indian women And you and your spouse want to try something new. Interested in learning more? Buns out! My wife and I started this blog several years ago to give couples interested in nude recreation and social nudity a better idea of what to expect. Simply put, we love our nude time together and the more couples we talk to who have experienced it usually say they wish they had tried it a lot sooner than they did. You will be anxious at first.
my first nude experience surprised hot women nude Would you like to hear my first nudist experience aka nude experience? When we were staying at Terme Banovci in Slovenia, we saw that there is a separate part — a Nudist camp. Ian was interested instantly, but the last word was mine. Nudist virgin like me had to think about it, and, of course, I wanted to have some information about nudist spa vacation. Even during hot summer nights when we went on a refreshing swim in the ocean I always wore swimwear. It just makes me feel safer and more comfortable this way.
my first nude experience nacked girls in tanzania We moved to southern Illinois in mid summer, and after a few weeks some neighbors invited us to visit their summer cabin on the weekend. We had been to their house for great hd free porn, and they to ours, and it seemed like a nice idea. They had a boat on a lake and offered to teach us to water ski. We were going to all drive up together, and the trip there was just as expected: good conversation. I was taking a new job as a hospital administrator and my neighbor was an internist, both our wives were nurses- his worked at "our" hospital but my wife had not decided if she was going to work or not. It was a beautiful day and when we got to the cabin and put our stuff in their guest bedroom, we returned to the main room and found both our hosts totally naked.
my first nude experience virgin mobile xxx porn Seeking a change of pace after the stifling heat and rather conservative culture of the Middle East, we travelled to Croatia for some nude, surf and stripping. Yes, this is the story of the time we went to a nudist resort intentionally! In the spirit of open-mindedness and eagerness for new experiences, as the weather grew warmer and Ash and I celebrated our joint birthday month of May and splurged a bitI took the opportunity to raise the prospect of another first-time experience I was curious about; visiting a naturist resort. Honestly, the main driving factors for this new style of accommodation were curiosity and opportunity. The fact that we were coming straight from six weeks of middle-eastern modesty experience made it even more intriguing to experience a environment which considers a naked human body to be healthy first natural. Thinking it was a joke, I heartily chuckled when he informed me that for his birthday this year he would like to visit a nudist resort.
my first nude experience dirty little secret sex They are asking women to tell their story so we are posting this from Samantha Marie on our blog page on the website. In this experience she describes her first nudist experience and it just happened first be on our Big Nude Boat cruise on the Celebrity Constellation!! I had never sailed before. I had never been nude of the country by myself before. I also had never attended a nude event before. That all changed over the course of ten days that I sailed to the French Islands of the Caribbean with Bare Necessities Cruises, and I had the time of my life.
my first nude experience hard sexy pics of kerala ladies View six year's of archives here. While this website is primarily for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, who are interested in chaste, wholesome, recreational nudity, everyone is welcome to participate. Welcome Guest! To enable all features please try to register or login. My first social nudity experience. I wanted to share my experience with this group because I am not the most common type of person who writes on this site.
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I only hate one thing in the planet, and that's the Mormon church. Jan 10, 0. It gives people a sense of purpose, while pressuring them to be 'good' by their book. Basically nothing like reality. It is crucial to recognize that Mormonism has elements of belief, practice, and custom that work to make interfaith marriages especially difficult and inconvenient for both spouses.