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These photos just happen to be the cover art for Cardi's new single "Press," which dropped Friday night and definitely has a courtroom vibe:. Cardi's nude pics come after she slammed fans calling her lazy for getting liposuction instead of working out.

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My job as an entertainer is a hour job, bro. She added, "I hate cancelling shows because I love money. I get paid a lot of money, a lot of money for these shows. A lot of money.

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Cardi B got naked on Instagram to promote her new single, "Press. One day ball gowns, the next, hot pants! Picture: Rex.

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Even though she's one of the smiliest pop stars around, Selena can be sultry too! We're surprised she ever puts them away! Bringing the Dolce on the road". Picture: Instagram. Don't go thinking that Selena's delicate She's got a serious love of tattoos!

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Selena knows exactly how to balance sexy AND sophisticated on the red carpet! This flowing blue dress is one of her greatest looks to date! Picture: Splash. But she DOES love herself a good thigh split dress And who could blame her?!

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End of. Picture: Getty.

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While Selena looks incredible in make up, we reckon she's a BarefacedBeauty at heart! We'll happily fill the position of BFF instead, of course.


selena gomez naced photos sleep creep porn Wake up 'cause Cardi B has joined in the age-old tradition of getting fully naked on Instagram! Much like Kim Kardashian before her, Cardi hopped on IG and shared two photos of herself fully nude with just a couple black censor bars covering her body. In the pictures, Cardi B is naced photographed photos a buncha old timey cameras while getting walked out of something resembling gomez court room by buncha lawyer types who look straight out of Like, genuinely expecting David Schwimmer selena be cast as this dude on the right in a crime TV show any moment now. These photos just happen to be the cover art for Cardi's new single "Press," which dropped Friday night and definitely has a courtroom vibe:. Cardi's nude pics come after she slammed fans calling her lazy for getting liposuction instead of working out.
selena gomez naced photos amisha patel is whore Let's take a look at some of Selena's most stunning snaps to date I love y'all. Ps, I still obsess over pickles. It's always this fool. See more Selena Gomez News. Ariana Grande. I'm A Celebrity.
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